I am always looking for new people to add to my twitter lists.  I currently have a youth pastors list, church tech, and church lists.  This is the best way to join the conversation while following thousands of people.  If you don’t use lists we will have a post next week showing you how to set them up!

Here are 15 people you need to follow on twitter today!  There is no order to this list.

1. Benjamin Read

2. Doug Fields

3. Chad Swanzy

4. Joshua Griffin

5. youthministry360

6. benjamin kerns

7. Phil Bell

8. Nick Farr

9. Andy Blanks

10. Rethinking Youth Ministry

11. Jeremy Zach

12. Center for Parent/Youth Understanding

13. Adam Mclane

14. Seventy8 Productions

15. Youthministry.com


Who else should be on this list? 

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