We love to have a goal for the year.  It is crucial to set goals, and have a target.  I have personal goals that I set each year, ministry goals, and website goals.  We recommend Michael Hyatts Life Plan.

Here are our 2014 goals.  We did a good job last year with our goals, but this year we want to shift gears, and refocus.

1. Have 2000 facebook follows
.  We did a decent job on this, but we didn’t focus enough on building this page up.  It has a long ways to go.  We will exclusively release all our ebooks, and free content on our facebook page. I am going to drop all the printable youth pastor resources files on there for free.

2. 12,000 hits per month.  We lost momentum last year because we didn’t post enough late in the year.  I feel focused and ready to write everyday.  It is going to be a great year.

3. 15,000 twitter followers(30 retweets per month).  I don’t care about the number anymore, I just want to see it grow.  I am more concerned about the engagement.  

4. Build my email list to 1000.  This email list is going to get an overhaul.  It needs a facelift.  Next week is when it is going to be changed.

5. Write 2 more ebooks.  I want to publish one in December 2014 as a pilot project, and one in June.  I am looking forward to writing and graphically laying them out.  I am also looking at possibly writing one on planning in youth ministry.  

6.  Comment 10 times a week on different blogs.  Also, start 1 conversation on someone else’s blog.  Of this whole list, this is the one that makes me the most excited.  I love engaging online with different youth pastors.  If you have a youth ministry blog, leave a comment below with your website and I will make sure to put it in my feedly.

7. Podcast once a month.  I want this to work so bad, but I have had troubles setting up times to record the stupid thing.  This years goal is to have 12 podcasts.  The goal is to make a professional youth ministry podcast that you can listen to that actually will help you be a better youth pastor.  

8. Write a post every day.  This is going to be the big challenge.  I want to write 30-31 posts a month, and publish 20-25 of those.  I want to start stock piling content, and working away at ebooks.

9. Give half of everything we make from the ads we sell away.  It is amazing to look at the goal two years ago to have this website self sustaining, and last year it made roughly $700.  I want to give away half of that.  Whether it is gift cards attached to our weekly/monthly email, or if it books that we give away each month.  I want to be generous, and I want to be generous with this website.

Those are the goals this year.  What are your goals for your website?  

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