One simple way I grew my youth ministry was by handing out a calendar every four months. Over 5 years, parents expected it and looked forward to having the youth ministry calendar on their fridge.

One of the best ways to communicate what you are doing in your youth ministry is to make a calendar. Youth Ministry calendars can help visually tell parents what is happening and why their kid must be at whatever event or program you are promoting.

We have created some youth ministry calendars for you and your church. It’s one investment that will pay off over time. Once you get parents’ schedules on your side, you will see students at your programs and events. Youth pastors often complain about students not being at the things they plan. The question to ask before you blame someone is: Did they know about it, and did they have lots of notice before it happened.

Here are the 2020 calendars. There are 13 different calendars to pick from. They are editable, and they look incredible. Have a plan for 2020, and help parents get on the same page as you. I am sure they want their kid at the church event, but they can’t if it’s the last minute.

You can see all the 2021 Calendars here.

Here our the best sellers:

The rest of the calendars can be seen here.

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