I don’t know if you have heard, but we are developing awesome youth ministry resources.  Each week we are slowly adding resources to our online store.  You can check it out the store here.

We would have loved to give all these things away for free, but a lot of times when we attach the free label to a resource, youth pastors think it’s crappy or of no value.  So, we decided to try to be the most affordable resources online for youth workers, and volunteer youth workers.

Here are some awesome resources you might have missed:


1. 5 Game Multi Pack

2. 5 Game Multi Pack Round 2

3. Candy Auction Event

4. Name That Movie: Classic Disney Edition

5. Name That Movie 

6. Name That Movie: Pixar Edition

Sermon Series / Sermons

7. Habits – 3 Week Sermon Series

8. Identity – 3 Week Sermon Series

9. Kingdoms – Stand Alone Sermon

10. Young Punk – Stand Alone Sermon

11. Alive Again – Stand Alone Sermon 


12. Abstract Spring 2015 Calendar

13.  Bright Fall 2015 Calendar 

14. Bring Spring 2015 Calendar

15. Mini Card Invites

16. 4ft by 8ft Skateboarder Banner

17. 4ft by 8ft Canteen Banner

18. Two 4ft by 12ft Vertical Banners

19. Youth Ministry Template Poster 

Countdown Clocks

20. 60 Second Coffee Countdown

21. 60 Second Seaport Countdown

22. 60 Second Skateboarder Countdown 

23. 60 Second Ski Hill Countdown


24. Youth Ministry Badges

25. Wood Looking Business Cards

26. Simple Fall 2015 Youth Ministry Calendar (Best Seller)

The crazy thing is that when we started out with the store at the end of January this year, the goal was to have 20 resources, and we launched with 15, and now we are at 35 resources in the store.  This is such a huge asset as we try to give away thousands of dollars with of product each year.

Thanks for reading this website.  I sure hope that we are able to help you do what you are called to do better.


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