I don’t know about you, but I am always looking for new idea for my youth ministry.  One of the best ways I have learned this past year, is by going and checking out different youth ministries.  This has been one of the greatest learning exercise.  Not only do you learn what other great youth pastors are doing, but it causes you to evaluate your own ministry.

One way I have been checking out new ideas is following other youth ministries on Instagram.  Here are the top 3 youth ministry Instagram accounts that I use for inspiration and ideas:

1. Hillsong Youth.  The account is actually called youngandfree.  They are so dialed into youth culture today.  I am impressed with their theme and branding.  Everything communicates what they are about.  It is worth checking out and following.

youth ministry instagram account young and free


2. Planetboom.  Youth ministry from planet shakers church.  I love the way everything looks.  They have a simple design that backs up what they are about.  It’s amazing to see how different youth ministries communicate who they are by the images they put up.  Everything that you put up will create a feeling towards a brand.

youth ministry planet boom youth ministry instagram


3. High School Ministry.  This is the account of the youth ministry from Saddleback church.  These guys don’t have the look as the other accounts that we follow, but this account will show you how to use Instagram effectively in your youth ministry.

Great church, with some world class youth pastors.  Definitely worth following.

youth ministry instagram accounts

One honourable mention that we left out was the mariners church irvine jr.youth ministry’s Instagram feed. It’s called marniersjhm and is one of the best out there for ideas and how they run a healthy ministry.


What other youth ministry Instagram accounts do you follow? 

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