What are your go to programs?  Do you use any extra programs on your mac or pc?  

I am always on the look out for programs.  I recently updated my mac pro to os x mavericks, and I am loving it.  You can read my thoughts on os x mavericks on this post called, ” First Thoughts On Mavericks OS X“.

I am constantly looking for new programs that could help make my computer faster, more efficient, and just easier to use.  Here are 3 programs that you need right now if you own a Mac.  Disclaimer: I don’t own anything pc…sorry.

3 Programs that will make your life easier: 

The first program is called Hyperdock.  This is my favorite program right now.  It gives you the features that should be packaged with mavericks.  I don’t know how I lived without it.   Here is what it does.

You can hover over an application in your dock, and it will give you a preview of what you have opened.  If you hover over iTunes, you can change the song.  Wondering what your schedule is like for today?  Just hover over the calendar application and it will show you all your appointments.  How great is that?

hyperdock application for youth ministry


The feature that I absolutely love is the ability to resize your window by dragging it to the corner of the screen to have it take up 25% of the screen.  I love being able to have to windows open on half the screen.  It is really easy, and all you do is grab the window and drag.

Love this application!

The next program that you need is air mail.  I don’t like mac mail.  It is a weird program to use, it is clumsy to navigate around, and has a layout that needs to be spruced up.  Air mail is what mac mail should look like.

You can sync any email account to it.  It is easy to switch back and forth from each account, or you can just click all accounts.  I love being able to switch between accounts easily.

Air mail fully integrates dropbox and any gmail shortcuts!  This is an amazing, fast, email program that looks awesome.

I will never go back.  At a $1.99 how can you go wrong?

air mail email program review


Onyx is a computer saving program.  If you ever wonder why your mac is slowing down over time, you need to install and run Onyx.  

I have used this program for years, and here is a write up from their website, “OnyX is an all-in-one system maintenance tool and optimizer. It is a very simple and light application that comes with a variety of maintenance tools that can be run to make sure that you are enjoying your system at its fullest.”

Onyx is a free program that will help get your computer back to the fast speed it needs to run at.  Especially, if you have installed mavericks, and your computer isn’t running faster.

Here are my 3 favorite new programs for my mac.  What other new programs are you loving?  

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