Moving to online video content for your youth service is critical at this time. It has become the only way to reach students, but it also allows you to reach students on their turf. When I started out in youth ministry people always said, reach students where they are at. Here is the question, Where are students digitally in your context? Once you solve that, communicate where they are at.

The tricky thing about creating digital content is that students can check-in and out at anytime. They can bounce out if it’s not captivating or engaging. If it’s too long, or not relevant. A lot of the youth ministry feeds I have been watching are speaking at students, not speaking with students. Youth workers are generating a ton of content, but missing the connection piece. There isn’t a come alongside approach.

If you want dynamic video content, it’s pretty simple. All you need is these three elements.


One of the simplest ways to create great-looking content is to have the right camera. Even your phone can create dynamic looking shots if it’s an iPhone x or newer. You most likely already have to tool you need to create dynamic shots. If you are looking to up your game, and stand out one of the cameras that we recommend if you have any money in the budget is a Sony A6400.

The best feature of the Sony A6400 is that there is no cap on recording time. You can record for up to 4 hours. It also allows you to flip the screen around so you can view yourself. This is the vlogger’s choice when it comes to vlog cameras.

Getting the right camera will make you stand out and look like you know what you are doing. If you can’t afford a camera like this, I would recommend filming with the back camera of your phone. If you want to interact with people, have your laptop open to engage with people that way.


Can I hear you? Nothing worse than turning on a Livestream and not being able to hear what is being said, or it sounds like a cave. One of the cheapest ways to upgrade your stream is audio. You don’t need to break the bank to upgrade your audio.

There are tons of lavaliers for sale on amazon that are cheap and effective. I purchased one a few weeks ago for $20 and it sounds amazing. Will it hold up, I am not too sure, but for $20 you can upgrade your audio game on your live stream.

If you want people to listen to your content it has to sound clear. People aren’t going to stay in your stream if it sounds like a hostage video.

Here is a video on how to put on a lavalier. I had to watch it in order to understand how to put on this mic, and not just have the cord dangling down.


Have you thought about what your video feed looks like? You don’t need fancy bumpers or other intros, one of the most important ways to improve your video is to have proper lighting. Proper lighting will again set you out from the crowd.

You don’t necessarily need professional lights for this. You could film in front of the window. If you are looking at how to find the right light, here is a great video on how to film an interview-style shoot.

If you are looking to upgrade your video game it doesn’t have to be expensive either. Here is the link to a great deal of two lightboxes. Lightboxes create a natural-looking light. It makes you look dynamic. It creates a natural light effect on you. We upgraded this last week and people raved about the video, and how it looked.

There the three tips on how to upgrade your digital video game. It’s pretty simple, and it’s worth the investment. Also, when this is all over, you will have a great setup for digital content.

The last point, don’t be too hard on yourself. We are all learning like crazy. Don’t compare yourself to other mega-church youth ministries that are able to pull off epic online programs. What your student’s don’t need is more content, they have TikTok and Instagram. They need someone to help them through this time.

Thankful for you and your leadership at this time. What students need isn’t more gimmicks or programs, they need you authentic and vulnerable self.

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