Would you like to spend 31 days working on your youth ministry?

This past June I talked about a cool project I had for youth ministry media.  I talked about it in a post called, 31 days to build a better youth ministry.  I was working towards this project, and then felt the call to a new church.  This being said, the whole thing was placed on the back burner.  I am ready to get back at it, and I am going to launch this in January.

This is how its going to work: 

– Each day I will email you a new post.  It will guide you to our facebook page where there will be a question of the day, and with that a online community that can help each other make our youth ministries better.


Here are the posts: 

1. How to Build a Youth Ministry Foundation

2. How to find Youth Ministry Adult Leaders

3. Why you need student leaders.

4. Building a Disciple making ministry

5. Programs you need to start

6. Figuring out a program that will work for your youth ministry.

7. Working on a year plan

8. How to mentor your leaders

9. Staying spiritually alive

10. How to lead your church through change

11. Letting your student leaders actually lead

12. A program you need for worship

13. Setting up a plan to follow up with new teens

14. 5 books you need to read before you get too deep in youth ministry.

15. How to tweak material to make it fit your group

16. I just busted a hole in the wall last night, how to say sorry.

17. How to communicate to teens effectively

18. Setting up a social media plan for your youth ministry

19. Developing a youth ministry website in 10 steps

20. How to keep your volunteer leaders for more than a year

21. 10 backgrounds you can use for worship

22. Are you getting in the way of your Youth Ministry growing?

23. The best way to use evangelism in your Youth Ministry

24. Letting your youth ministry go.

25. Why you need a mentor and how to find one

26. How to create a life plan, and stay organized.

27. How and why to develop yourself.

28. Balancing life and ministry

29. How to help teens deal with digital addiction

30. Why you need to keep learning and growing

31. Repeat, and Repeat again!


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