What are your go to iPhone or android apps?

There are some essential apps that all youth pastors should have.  Every time I go to a conference I like to see what other apps youth pastors are using.  There are awesome apps out there, the only problem is how can you find all the apps?  According to Apple, there are 1.3 million apps in the app store.  That is staggering.

Here are some apps that I love, and that I use daily.

1. word swag ($2.99)- I love this app.  I love it so much that we made it our app of the month for November (read about it here.)  It’s the best app on the market to put text over images.  We take a minute and put text over an image and then post it on our Facebook page or our twitter account.  Go and make some awesome images.

2. vsco cam (free) – My intern stumbled across this app, and it is truly amazing.  This is the app I wish apple made for it’s camera.  It is a weird thing when you take a photo with an app and it looks better than taking the same photo with the apple or android native program.  The features that this app has is amazing.  I am stilling learning all that it can do, it is a camera geeks dream.

3. ultra text (free) – Make custom gif images and send them in a text, or post them on a Facebook page or twitter account or instagram account.  It’s really fun to use, and it’s simple.  Warning: don’t over use this.  I can see this becoming annoying really quickly! 

4. kindle (free) – I have only recently switched back to physical books because I borrowed one from a friend and I am reviewing a few for a company. I love my kindle, and I love having my books on my kindle.  The best feature is that after I have read a book and hi lighted it up, the hi-lights are all saved in my amazon account.  Then I find a great quote I love, and put it in my word word swag(honesty, I love this app).

5. lead small (free) –  When I stumbled across this app, I was really impressed that this youth ministry app was completely free.  Once they add a few features, this app will be untouchable.  Currently, this is a must have for every small group leader on the face of the earth.  It’s the only way I keep track of my small group week to week.  Recently, we did so training for our small group leaders right out of the app.  This app is worth checking out, and adopting into your youth ministry.

Honourable mentions:  These apps came so close, but they didn’t make the cut.  

Milebug ($2.99)-  This is the only app I use to track my mileage.  It is a little clunky, but it’s worth having.  I have clocked $100’s of dollars worth of mileage with this little app.  Worth the price.

Feedly (free) – With the death of google reader (I’m still sad about this), feedly took it’s place.  It is the app I use for my daily youth ministry reading.


What other apps do you use all the time?  What apps do you use that are time savers?


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