How do you use Instagram?  

We have written articles in the past to help you communicate to teenagers through Instagram.  I still think it’s the best communication tool for teenagers. You can check out this post called 5 Instagram apps to make you look like a pro.

I bet you see other Instagram accounts online and wonder how they post so often? Here is the secret, they aren’t always on Instagram, they just schedule everything.

Here are 4 awesome programs that we love to use when posting to instagram.

Later. I love this program. One of the best features is the month view. You can see the whole month at a glance. This is one of the easiest to use, and it will truly save you time. Youth min hack: Get your church to shell out the money for the year and apply for the non-profit rate (which is 50% off) and look like a pro.

CoSchedule. This is the swiss army knife of all social media tools. It posts to facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. This is a tool that I have used for the past few years with youth ministry media, and it has saved us so much time. The feature I love is that you can see a monthly calendar view. Seeing each day is helpful when posting over multiple days. This is such a great resource when you are planning out sermon series, or other content for your youth ministry.

Plann That. This is a powerful tool for instagram. The best part is that it’s free for up to 30 posts a month. This is the tool we use regularly. You can easily drag and drop images into the posts that you want to create. This is really a foolproof instagram scheduling program.

Preview app. This is a fun instagram app you can use to schedule posts or create new ones. One of the best features is that you can have a ton of hashtags saved as a group. This is a great feature that will help you build a brand. One of the hashtags we used for a season was #bestnightever #bestnightoftheweek #bestyearever. You could have a lot of fun with preview app.

Hootsuite. This is a classic social media scheduler. It was the program to have years ago, but it was quickly passed by other programs. They are back, and they have added posting to instagram as a feature.

There are 5 ways to schedule your Instagram posts to your Instagram account. Save some time, download an app and start scheduling your posts today. Become an Instagram pro!

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