One of the most successful ways of communicating today is through social media.  Students will most likely check out your Instagram account before they will ever show up and check out your youth ministry.  This is why it’s so crucial to have a great social media account.  It really doesn’t take a full-time graphic designer to make your images look incredible, it might just take a few apps to help you step up your design game.

Here are 5 apps to help you communicate better on Instagram. 


This is the app if you don’t know anything about design.  This is the simplest design app out there.  Quickly make stunning images.  Check out the app here (free).


Add text to just about anything and make it look decent.  Make sure to check out unsplash to find free stock photos.  That is where we find all our images.  The only downside about this app is their infrequent updating.  I wish they would updated it more often.  Check out wordswag here ($4.99).


Upgrade your camera app.  Takes better photo’s and this app allows you to control just about anything.  If you are going to take photo’s of your night, make sure that they look good.  Get the best photos with this incredible app.  Get Camera+ here ($2.99)

Hype Type

Create stunning moving text.  We use this app on our story all the time.  Hype your Stories with automatically styled and designed motion typography.  This looks great on your Instagram stories to help communicate an event or intro the night.  Check out HypeType here (Free)  


Create works of art with images from your series, games, or from your night.  You could play around with this app for hours.  I am still trying to play with this app.  Lot’s of potential.  I have seen this app used by a ton of creative accounts on Instagram. You will see this app in action with future series from us.  Check out Glitche here ($.99)


Don’t have a lame Instagram account!

There are 5 apps that can help you communicate better on Instagram or any social media account.  It might take some time to figure out how to use these different apps, but it’s worth it in the long run.  Students are watching your Instagram account, the real question is: are you really communicating what is going on?  A lot of times, we do a poor job of communicating how awesome a night is.

Use these apps, and blow up your Instagram account in a good way.

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