Developing as a leader today is crucial.  How are you developing as a leader? 

John Maxwell famously stated, “Leadership is not about titles, positions or flowcharts. It is about one life influencing another.”  Leadership isn’t about your title.  It’s about your influence.  It’s about you.  If you have leaders in your youth ministry, you are leading.  You are influencing.  You are developing leaders that will one day be elders, deacons, board chairs, coffee servers, football coaches, and so on.

You need to constantly be developing as a leader.  There are a ton of resources out there to grow and develop as a top notch leader.  One of the easiest ways to grow and learn as a leader is through listening to podcasts.  It can be really simple.  Put the podcast on while you are driving to meetings, or picking your kids up from school.  We do have tons of time in our days to fit in  a 20 minute podcast.

Here are 5 podcasts that are shaping us as leaders.

1. Andy Stanley Leadership Podcast –  This is our go to podcast.  There is tons of great content on this podcast from creating a vision statement, to building a health culture.  Andy Stanley is really the leadership expert today in the church.  Look at the church he is leading, and how he leads his staff teams.  Andy Stanley also sees the value and importance in youth ministry today.

2. Craig Groeschel Leadership Podcast –  Craig Groeschel’s podcast is excellent.  He is direct and straight to the point.  One of the best features of this podcast is that all the notes are available for free here.  He also gives you 3 questions to discuss with your team each month.  This is a podcast that you could listen to with your whole team and unpack together.

3. Carey Nieuwhof Leadership Podcast – He is the sole Canadian on this list.  The best thing about this podcast is that Carey Nieuwhof interviews a ton of church leadership experts.  It’s great to get differing opinions on subjects and to see that there are many ways to lead.

4. This Is Your Life with Michael Hyatt – Michael Hyatt was on of the first leaderships experts I stumbled across when I was trying to grow as a leader.  His really is the leadership expert.  He was the CEO of Thomas Nelson, and now he runs his own business.  His life plan is critical for any leader who feels lost, or without purpose.

5. Youth Ministry Answers –  This is the only youth ministry podcast to show up on the list.  Both Kenny and Elle Campbell do a great job explaining and presenting ways to help your Youth Ministry.  This is one of the best podcasts on youth ministry today.  It is practical, and helpful for youth pastors, leaders, or lead pastors get a handle on developing great youth ministries.

Those are our 5 top podcasts to grow as a leader.  Listening to podcasts are easy to do, and it will quickly help you grow as a leader if you don’t love to read.  I am always asking youth pastors what podcasts they are listening to.  It’s one simple way to develop as a next level leader.

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