What are you writing about this year?

This is the year that we take youth ministry back.  You are going to be apart of it.  I love seeing up and coming youth pastors writing articles for free as resources for other youth pastors.  A few great discoveries I have made in the past year are, Average Youth Ministry, Seventy 8 Productions, Youth Leaders Academy, Youth min.org, Practical Youth Ministry, just to name a few.

Here’s the thing!  I want to hear your voice!  Here are a few posts I hope to see this coming year from amazing youth workers like you.

1. Being a  healthy youth pastor:  This doesn’t mean being a health freak.  Do the teens you work with want chips and pop all the time, and shouldn’t you model what it means to be healthy.

2. Being a woman in youth ministry:  Youth ministry is being dominated in the blogging world by men.  This is sad.

3. The struggling youth worker:  There are so many struggles in youth ministry, and church ministries.  Those struggles need to be discussed.  They need to be discussed in a way that is open and honest.

4. The young youth pastor.   I love seeing things through new eyes.  I think that young youth workers can breath new life into the youth ministry world because they have new ideas and are not cynical and jaded.

5.  ____________________.   What would you like to see?

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