Yesterday I was answering some comments on my website and when I clicked on a link a warning from google poped up.  I instantly went to Sucuri to scan my site for viruses or malware.  To my shock, I found out that I had malware on my site.  After about an hour of googling how to deal with this malware, I finally got rid of the malware and I am looking forward to seeing the google warning removed.

Here are 5 things I found out: 

1.  Take a deep breath.  My initial reaction is to react to the situation.  I need to take a moment and think about what I can do to fix this situation and make sure it doesn’t happen again.

2. Remove the malware.  The site Sucuri does a great diagnosing what is wrong with your site.

3. Find the hole.  I found out how youth ministry media was hacked.  I was through an inactive wordpress plugin.  So, I got rid of it!  I also did some optimizing of the site that really need to be done.   Now every month I will spend sometime optimizing,  repairing, and updating everything.

4. Back up regularly.  I don’t do this enough.  Here is a great plugin to backup your database.  I am going to back up every 3 days!

5.  Delete all inactive wordpress plugins.  I had tons of inactive plugins.  When I figured out how my site was hacked.  I deleted all my inactive plugins.  I was becoming a wordpress hoarder!  They are now all gone.


Go and scan your site for free here.  


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