Do you have an email list?


If you don’t have an email list please go and set one up at Mail Chimp.  I talked awhile ago about this on my post, 5 Ways to Communicate with Parents.  Using a email list is great because it allows you to communicate with parents who want to be communicated too.  I have parents who refer friends to the list, or sign up other parents.

Having a email list is a great resource for any one who has a website. These are the people who want to recieve your website directly in their email box. This is a way to build your website online.

Early on at Youth Ministry Media, I had a email sign in form and no one signed up. I looked the the sign up month after month and it always remained the same, Zero. I decided to offer something free for users in return for signing up to my newsletter. You can download my ebook, “5 Ways to Communicate Effectively in a Digital World.”

Here are 5 ways to build your email list: 

1. Have it displayed correctly. Don’t hid it. Put it at the bottom of every post, or on the side of every page. How can someone sign up if they don’t know where.

2. Make it easy. Trust me, you don’t need someone’s phone number, address, or pet’s name. All you need is an email address. Make it as easy as possible and people will sign up!

3. Give something away. Make a free ebook and give it away as a perk for signing up. What a great way to “sell” your email list. What could you write on for an ebook? Write down 5 ideas now.

4. Use a great program. Use mail chimp. I find it the easiest program to use. If you want to push your rss feed to the newsletter you can. You can send out an email daily, or weekly, or monthly. With a great email marketing program you will have control over how you are able to use it.

5. Make it personal. When ever I recieve an email from a company I unsubscribe from it. I read the emails with a personal touch. I am subscribed to an email because I want to hear from you. I try to make a point of thanking everyone personally who subscribes to my email list. So, if you recieve an email it was me!

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