Are you new in youth ministry?  Are you feeling like you need help?

Yesterday, I was talking with a awesome youth pastor who has been doing youth ministry for the past year.  He stumbled across my youth ministries Facebook page, and he wanted to ask some questions about youth ministry.  It made me realize quickly how much content is out online that no one knows about.  I quickly emailed this youth pastor a few links that would help him in ministry.

Here is a list of 5 basic resources that you might not know about.  These are resources that I use all the time.  It is my basic toolbox of youth ministry resources.  If you know of any extra resources that I haven’t added here, please let me know what they are.  I could add them to another post.

1.  This is the website I go to for all things youth ministry.  The thing that I love about this community is that all the people running it and writing for it are in full time ministry positions.  All the material and resources are proven, and tried in real ministry settings.  I am a contributor for, but I have been a slacker.   These dudes are legit, and will help you think about the why behind your youth ministry.

2. Youth leaders stash.   This is my go to place for games.  If I want to find a new game, or a few new games this is the place I go.  I have been using this website for the past 5+ years.  Chad is the guy running the website and all the games are fun, and are easily doable.

Honestly, I don’t love planning and running games.  But youth leaders stash helps me find, prepare and run games for my youth ministry in no time.  This is the one stop shop for your youth ministry games.

3. Average youth ministry.  One day when I grow up I hope I am like Ben Kerns.  This guy is always churning out amazing content.  His website is one that I read everyday, and you should to.  I love his heart for ministry and passion for youth ministry.  He has wisdom, and insight that I am so thankful for.  His website has helped me and my ministry, and because of that I am thankful for him and how God is using him.

For wisdom in the trenches, go to average youth ministry.

4. Download Youth Ministry.  This is one of the best youth ministry websites created in the last year.  The store is a treasure trove of content.  When a youth pastor asks me where to download games, series images, series, and anything else, I direct them to download youth ministry.  Take a few minutes and get lost in the crazy amount of content on this youth ministry website.  It is really impressive.

This is the place for all things youth ministry. Go check out download youth ministry now!

5.  Stock photos that don’t suck.   This isn’t a youth ministry website, but it is a great place to find back ground images for your youth ministry . Actually, if you check this website out and look through all 5 of the stock photo websites you will probably see a ton of the photos that we use.

Eventually, I would love to have a free youth ministry stock photo website, but until I get a legit camera, this website will do!


Those are the 5 websites every new youth pastor needs to know about. What would you add to that list? 

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