Are you looking to take some great shots of your youth ministry?  If you are there is a great tool that you need to check out.  

It’s called osmo mobile 3

It’s such a great tool for taking video.  You can pull out your phone, hook it up to the Dji app, and you are good to go. You can buy this and give it to a leader or student with his or her phone for incredible videos of night.

If you aren’t tech savvy, this is the tool for you. In Dji’s app they will edit the video for you.

Here is why the dji mobile 3 is so great: 

  • Portrait and Landscape orientation stabilisation via double-tap of M button
  • Triple-tap M button for Stow position, manually fold in Standby mode
  • Sport mode allows for rapid panning motion
  • Double-tap trigger to reset phone position
  • Active Track automated focus tracking
  • Gesture control activation for selfies

Features we love: 


Take the appealing visuals from Time lapse and add movement by manually moving Osmo Mobile 3 with you. Additionally, Hyper Lapse not only supports real-time Electronic Image Stabilization (EIS) but also ActiveTrack 3.0.

Active Track 3.0: 

ActiveTrack 3.0: DJI’s image recognition and deep learning algorithms allow Osmo Mobile 3 to recognize and follow subjects of your choice, perfect for capturing family moments easily with a tap. You can even recompose the shot to place your subject more in line with the rule of thirds and Active Track will keep them there.

This is an essential tool for youth ministries.  One of the cool features is that you can let the dji app edit the video and add a song over the clips if you want.  

For less than $150 you can make and market your videos to look professional.  Upgrade your video game. Buy the Osmo Mobile 3 Here at a discounted rate.

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