A couple days ago I was walking out of the church office, and I noticed a group of students who I have never seen before.  They were sitting on the front steps of the church with their phones out.  I walked over to ask them what they were doing, and they all said they were playing pokemon go.

Driving home that night, I realized that there is an awesome opportunity to reach students in our communities.  Students are likely walking up to your building to either train or get items at a pokestop.

I stumbled across this infographic called: Gotcha!: The Pokemon Go Phenomenon.  It’s something that every youth worker needs to see.  There is a movement going on, and I think this will be around for a while.

Here are some things that stand out:

This will build community.  You get to join teams once you are level 5 and higher.  You are more likely to catch more pokemon when you are with other people.  Why not take a group of students out to catch in the evening or during the day?  You can easily set up a lure (it will attract more pokemon to your location) and give out promotional stuff for your ministry, or just connect with students in your community.

This game is all about being together.  It’s about building a community.

People are spending on average 43 minutes a day playing.  It’s something that students are already doing, and it’s a easy way to hangout with them while playing pokemon go.  This really could build relationships in your youth ministry, and help connect students who have no idea what your ministry is about.


We will be talking about how youth ministries and use pokemon go more in the next few weeks.  What are you waiting for?  Go and get the app and take a walk tonight.  Go and catch them all.  Build a team, and meet students in your community.

pokemon go youth ministry

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