Do you use a to-do program?

If you don’t, you need to jump on the bandwagon and get yourself one.

In the past I have bounced around a few times to a few different programs.  First we recommended Things, and their lack of cloud syncing made us switch to wunderlist.  The one thing I hated about wunderlist was not being able to set up reoccurring tasks.  How many tasks do you have that need to happen each week?  It is a pain to enter them in every week.  So, I have been waiting for Things to upgrade to the cloud and I would switch back.

Things I love about the to-do program Things.  

1. Clean program.  It is simple to use.  Take a few minutes and you will be able to figure it out.

2. Cloud syncing.  Finally they decided it would be a good idea to sync up your to-do list online!  Put a task in your phone on the go, and it will end up on your desktop.  It is easy to sync, and the iphone app is awesome!

3. Organizing.  You can create different projects, and categorize them however you want.  One of the cool features is the daily review.  You can look at all the events for today in the morning, or tomorrow.  This is one awesome feature.

Things I don’t like about the program Things : 

1. Mac only.  Yes, I am a mac snob, but I wish my pc friends would access to a program like this.  I personally think every youth pastor should have a mac pro, and if  I was your Lead Pastor I would make sure that you would have one!

2. Cost.  The first time I reviewed this program people complained about the cost.  The program for your mac is $49.99, and the iphone app is $9.99.  Both are worth getting.  I know that is $60, but it will help you stay on task.  Figure out a way for your church to pay for it, or if your church doesn’t do that like my last church, just purchase it.  Some programs I never think about how much it costs once you use it, and this is one of those programs.

What to-do program do you use?  Have you used Things? 



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