Youth Ministry Media is a relatively new site.  Created in Spring 2010 out of an session that I had to plan to teach about building a Youth Ministry website.  I was tired of the phone calls that I received from that session, so I decided to create a website focused on Youth Ministry, Theology, and Technology.

Our community consists of Youth Workers, Youth Pastors, Church Web Designers, Christian Software Developers, Seminary Students, Bible College Students, Technologists, Graphic Artists, , non-profits, and bloggers of all shapes and sizes who check in daily to read content and engage with other members of the community.


All of our readers are interested in taking their Youth Ministries to the next level and communicating in a way that is effective and relevant to teenagers today.


A few facts from our rapidly growing website(as of November 2014): 

  • Founded: Spring, 2010
  • Followers: 12,400  via Twitter
  • Visits: 4,400 per month via Google Analytics
  • Pageviews: 9,800 per month via Google Analytics
  • Facebook: 1200 follows on facebook
  • Rss Subscribers: 300
  • Email List Subscribers: 862

If you would like more info on the statistics you can email me directly here.


Posts that Made Youth Ministry Media so awesome!

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How to build a website in 10 Simple steps.

How to make a great facebook page.

5 Great WordPress Themes for your site

5 videos you need right now for your background during worship

And we’ve just gotten started! Your advertisements will surround and be available throughout all of these blog posts and the many visitors that come will be ready with clicks (and conversions) in hand.


Ready? Opportunities Available:   

Here are a few of the select sponsorship and advertising opportunities available to the right business and organizations that align with the content and the community.

1. Banners

  • Placement on the right hand side of the site there are lots of spots for you and your product.
  • placement on posts
  • placement on rss feeds
  • placement on weekly email

You can purchase ads here.


2. Sponsored Posts, Reviews

Interested in sponsoring a blog post or a review of a product and/or service? You’ll be able to showcase your content in front of thousands directly through the blog content, via RSS, and social networking channel such  Twitter. Here are the requirements:

  • Post must be at least 300 words and written in an informal and natural manner – no marketing spam!
  • Product or service must practically apply to the Youth Ministry Media audience – I reserve the right to reject any post
  • Blog post may contain up to 2 primary keyword links and 3 secondary keyword links.

If you would like more info please email me directly here.


3. Giveaways and Competitions

Interested in hosting a competition or giveaway to the community? Want to give away some copies of your product or service? Connect with me and we’ll talk about how to best position your business.



I would love to answer any or all of you questions about using Youth Ministry Media for your advertising and sponsorship needs.  Contact me directly here.