Do you struggle with using social media?  I have a one stop tool to help you deal with social media and youth ministry.  The tool is called Hootsuite.  If you don’t use it make sure you use it on your computer and on your phone.  I find it is the one stop shop for dealing with twitter and facebook!

Here are a few things that stand out about hootsuite users: 

1. hootsuite users have 21 times the followers of non-hootsuite users!  That is amazing.  I guess it is just easier to be involved when you are in the conversation.

2. More agencies are using hootsuite to communicate with their customers.  If big agencies are using hootsuite to communicate online, I think it is time you give it a shot.

To be honest the best part of hootsuite is that its free!

Do you use hootsuite, and if so what do you love/hate about it!  

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