What songs do you play before your youth ministry starts? 

One app that is worth the download is called: djay 2.

This is my go to app in my youth ministry.  You can set up a playlist and auto play it.  This is the best app for creating a awesome atmosphere in youth youth ministry.

Here are a few cool features: 

1. All in One DJ System.  Download the app and get a leader or student to mix the playlist.  We have tons of student who always want to dj the youth nights.  It’s just another way to get students involved.

youth ministry djay ipad app



2. Music library.  This allows you to build playlists on the spot.  I know a ton of other apps do this, but when you build a playlist and put it into auto mix, you can walk away and the song will slowly fade to the next one.

youth ministry djay ipad app


We love this app.  We will release our youth ministry playlist.  What songs do you play before youth? 

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