Have you heard about the app mailbox

If you haven’t heard about the mailbox app yet, you are in for a treat!  This is the best email app I have ever seen.  I waited in queue for almost 3 weeks just to give this app a try.  I was annoyed at first about having to wait, but now that I have tried it and used it for the past two weeks, I love it and can’t imagine not using it.

Things I love about mailbox

1.  It helps you get rid of the email clutter.  My email was so cluttered it took almost an hour and a half to dig out of my emails.  Mailbox lets you swipe to either archive it, delete it, save it as a note, or remind you later.  This simple concept is revolutionary.  I had over 600 unread emails, and 1000’s of saved emails.  Not anymore!

2.  Remind me later.  I love this feature.  Mailbox will send an email whenever you want to resend it.  You can send it back to yourself in 30mins, or in a week.   Deal with the email right away and leave the stress in the inbox.

3. The design.  As a graphic designer, I love the look of it.  It is so simple, and it is the reason why dropbox just purchased the app.  Not only is it easy to use, but it looks awesome.


Things I don’t like about mailbox

1. It’s only on iphone.  I want a desktop application.  I could see this working well with my macbook pro.  I could use all the same features with my track pad.  That would be a program I would pay for.

2. The queue.  I hated waiting for this app for over two weeks.  It made me want to hate the app.  I tweeted mailbox app multiple times complaining.  The crazy part is that they replied to each tweet.


Go and check out the mailbox app.  It’s only available for iphone.  Did I say it’s free?

Have you used the mailbox app yet?  Thoughts?  Please leave a comment.  


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