The Impossible Shot Game

March 14, 2017
/   games

The Impossible shot is a free youth ministry game for March Madness. Get students hyped with this mini-basketball skill shot.

Teens Rule The Web [infographic]

March 8, 2017
/   infographics

Teenagers today rule the online world.  They are more tech savvy than you or I.  I was recently talking with a friend about how classrooms are changing across North America.  Teachers can’t keep up...

iOS Game Of The Month: Don’t Stop

March 7, 2017
/   iphone

Check out an awesome iOS game that will be the new flappy bird. The only difference is that you have to use your voice to move the little creature along.

How to use instagram stories

January 31, 2017
/   Instagram

Social media is one crucial way of reaching students and parents today in our digital world.  One simple way to reach a ton of people is by using instagram, especially instagram stories.  Instagram stories...

Making Youth Ministry Fun Again

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Is your youth ministry a place known for fun? Is it easy for student to invite their friends to? Here are a few ways help make your ministry fun.

3 Amazing Graphic Design Tools

October 13, 2016
/   Programs

Here are 3 graphic design tools that will help your youth ministry instantly. What are you waiting for? Get all of these programs today!

Creating A Vision Statement

October 11, 2016
/   Blog

Does your youth ministry have a clear vision? If not, this might help you clarify what the win is for your youth ministry.

The October Bundle

October 3, 2016
/   games

Here is the October Bundle. It includes all the youth ministry games you could possibly need.

How To Get Your Church An App

September 20, 2016
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What if you could get your church an awesome looking app? What if this app would actually increase your overall church budget? I would say that is a win-win. What are...

The Week Dominator [Review]

September 19, 2016
/   Reviews

The week dominator is a useful tool for leaders and for youth pastors who want to set goals and live intentionally each week.

Circle by Disney [review]

September 13, 2016
/   Reviews

Get this awesome resource to help families set up digital boundaries in our homes and on our mobile devices.

The Back To School Bundle 2016

August 11, 2016
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Here are some awesome resources for your youth ministry this fall. Don't miss this chance to get all the resources for over half the price.

Pokémon Go Terminology Guide

July 21, 2016
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If you haven't heard of Pokémon Go yet, you are probably living in a cave. It's the fastest app every to become a best seller in 13 hours on the iTunes app store.

Why Failing Makes You A Better Leader

June 16, 2016
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How do you view failure? Is it something to be avoided, or do you see it as something to make you better? Failure is essential for a leader to grow.