What app do you use for creating images for your youth ministry? 

I was recently at a youth ministry conference, and a friend of mine showed me an awesome app called: word swag.

I love being able to go to conferences and hangout with other youth pastors and see what other people are using today in youth ministry.  It could be curriculum, apps, or other tech.  We need to share our resources that we use with youth pastors.  We need to stop trying to build our own kingdom, and help build the youth ministry tribe that we are in.  So, the next time you are at a conference with other youth workers, please share what works for you.  Lets be a tribe that shares awesome resources with one another.

The word swag app is a youth ministry life saver.  You can easily take picture and add text to the image.  The best part of this app is that you can select different styles that your text will be displayed.

Here are some of the features:

wordswag app review


Here is a video of all that it can do: 
[vimeo 66575707]


Here are a few ways you can use the app word swag

1. Create a main idea from your sermon and post in on your Facebook, instagram, or twitter account.

2. Create a daily devotional and post it online.

3. Highlight a new leader each week with their name.

4. Make announcements online each week.


Do you use this app?  What do you love about the app word swag?  What other apps do you use in youth ministry? 

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