What do you use for group texting students and parents? 

“What is the best texting program for youth ministry” is a question the gets asked almost each week.  I really hope you are not using a program that is for exclusively for your iPhone.  Don’t be the annoying person who is constantly spamming people with group messages.

Last week, my friend who moved away group texted a few of us, and I responded with a message.  Somehow my message when to everyone.  Yes, my phone was lit up all night with people saying, “you have the wrong person”.  It was annoying and it was one of the first times in a long time that I received a group text.

Churches and youth pastors are awful when it comes to sending out messages.  Don’t be the person who is constantly bugging/spamming people with messages.

The one program that we are constantly recommending for youth workers to use when communicating to student and parents is called, Remind.  This is the only texting program you need.  It’s designed for teachers, but it will work great for you and your ministry.

Here are some of the features: 

Instant – Send a one-way message to every student in your class. Subscribers receive Announcements as texts, emails, or smartphone notifications.  Also, start two-way conversations with students and parents. Manage communication by setting availability and enabling or disabling Chats.

Safe – Phone numbers stay private, so information is safe and secure. Teachers, students, and parents have easy access to reporting tools and all message logs.  One of the cool features is that you can download the complete chat history at anytime.  This is an amazing feature, especially if there was any legal issues.  This should be the feature that sells every youth ministry and church in North America.

Efficient – Save time: Send messages directly to mobile devices, schedule Announcements for later, or get instant feedback with Stamps.  One of the best features is that you can schedule things for latter, or attach images.

Free – It’s totally free, and it has a free app!!  Isn’t that awesome?  The app looks awesome and is easy to use.

Remind is the best group texting program.  This is perfect for churches and youth ministries.  You really can’t beat the price of free.  Go and check out Remind.  It’s worth adopting as the communication tool for your youth ministry.

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