What program do you use for studying the Bible?

I used to use a program called Accordance.  When I was in seminary over 8 years ago this was the only program I could use with my ibook.

Times have changed and the Bible program Logos has quickly become a front runner.  If you are looking for an excellent bible studying program you need to check out Logos.

Here are a few things we love about Logos

1. The amazing amount of content.  I can’t believe all the content they have.  You could build sermon series from material that Tim Keller developed.   I could spend hours looking through all the content.  Quickly I have realized that I need a bigger book allowance.

2. Sync everything everywhere.  I love having a great Bible app.  I love having all my books and resources everywhere with me.  I will often be studying something in my office and end up having to meet up with someone.  A few times I have been ditched at starbucks, and I can easily pick up my iPad and finish up some studying for a passage that I was speaking on that week.  Having your material wherever you go is helpful, and after you use it a few times you will wonder what you did without it.

3. Get Logos to read to you.  Do you love having a robot reading to you?  I personally love it.  It helps me to read a book faster and multi-task while I read.  You can read books faster and retain information by listening and reading along with a book.  If you don’t believe it, try it out!

4. Easy to copy and paste into any document.  The nerd in me loves this feature.  I could copy and paste this into any document.  ANY ONE!!!!  Word, Pages, Proclaim, Keynote, LiveType, and more.  The part I really loved was that you could paste into documents and insert proper footnotes.

5. Easy to use.   I can’t believe how easy Logos is to use.  It makes me sad that I haven’t used it sooner.  The only reason I have held off for so long is that all my commentary sets I purchased in seminary were on accordance.  I think its time to start using Logos,and its time to purchase all my commentary sets back.    

6. The Payment plan.  How sweet is it that you can your book allowance for your church to buy books, or commentary sets.  This is how I plan on using my book allowance for the next few years.

Things that I don’t like about Logos

1. It feels daunting to start.  I know at conferences there are training sessions on how to use Logos correctly.  There are tons of videos on how to use this program, and my fear is that I could spend years and not even figure out how to use 90% of this program.  Honestly, you could do so much with Logos.

2. Not all the books transfer from different Bible programs.  If you wanted to destroy all other Bible programs out there, all you need to do is give the collections that people have purchased for other programs for free.  I would have switched years ago.  It was just one Commentary set that held me back.  To repurchase it would cost $500.


A few resources I am looking forward to checking out are: 

Youth Ministry and Leadership Collection (20 volumes)

Timothy Keller Sermon Archive 2012-2013


Also, one thing I want to use Logos for is to build sermon material that you would get from our store(eventually) and with all the resources craft your own message!  

What do you think? Do you use Logos?  What Bible program do you use? 

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