Do you post scripture to your Facebook, twitter or Instagram accounts?  

I used to make up images that would fit series, and I will still customize images in sermon series, but I stumbled across a free app that has a huge collection of scripture art.  It’s called Bible Screen.  You can check them out here.  I am amazed at how awesome this app is.

What it is: 

Faithlife (the company that owns Bible Screen) wants you to watch their video stream of non stop Bible art.  That sounds ok, but not really useful to churches.  One of the best features is when you use the app, you can download the image as a photo and save it as a background.   Once you save it, then you can upload it to any social media account.  Each image will be tagged with their logo.

How it’s useful:

You can find a passage and use the image, or post it to your Facebook page the day before or after your message.  It’s just one simple way to drive the point home.

Here’s how you can get Bible Screen:

Get the app.  You can download it for iOS here, and for android here.

You can download the images on your computer here.

If you really want the Bible images looping through video, you can access that here.


Here are what the images look like.  I think it’s definitely worth downloading and using in your youth ministry weekly.

bible screen reviews bible screen reviews bible screen reviews bible screen reviews

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