Do you need an ipad or kindle?

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I love reading books.  I honestly can’t get enough books, I am always looking for new books, and amazon orders are constantly coming in.  I have finally set up a budget for my books for personal and for work.  I think this can be a helpful think.

While I was on holidays a few weeks ago, I noticed a lot of people with ipads and with kindles.  Now, I don’t really need either but I think that owning one would be practical.  I talked to a man who was living in the condo that my family was staying at and he had both the ipad and kindle.  Initially, I thought he was crazy for having two devices.  He said that if he wanted to read a magazine, or surf the web he would use the ipad, if he wanted to read a book he would use the kindle.  This really got me thinking.  So, below I came up with a list of things each one could do.

The ipad

  1. Can surf the web.
  2. You can email with it.
  3. You can watch videos on it in full hd retina display.
  4. Play games


  1. It is light
  2. It can store up to 3,500 books
  3. It can read pdf’s

Looking at both devices side by side is not fair.  The price point between the two is almost $400 dollars.  Micahel Hyatt does a great job breaking the differences down here.  In the near future I will purchase an Amazon Kindle.  I love reading, and I enjoy reading a ton of paperback fiction.  A lot of these books are throw aways after.  Having a Kindle would give me a way of storing them digitally for later.  To be honest it is also the price.  I can afford the Kindle.


Do you use an e-Reader? If so, which one and why?



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