2012 goals Goals, Goals, and more Goals

Do you have goals for your site or youth ministry?

It’s great to have goals.  If you don’t have goals, how do you know if you accomplished what you wanted to do?

I wrote an article on why I decided to create life goals in the post titled, “Why I created a life plan (and why you should too!), ”  If you are looking to organize your life and establish goals for life try checking out Michael Hyatt’s Life Plan.  Having goals helps clarify your life, and your purpose in life.

I think it is also great to have a youth ministry strategic plan.  I wrote a post about having a plan for social media in your youth ministry titled, ” 5 ways to communicate effectively in a digital world“.  Social media can consume all your time if you don’t have a plan for it.


Here are my Goals for 2012

1.  Have 500 facebook follows.  Currently at  222 (march). 247 in April.  I need more progress on this!

2. 10,000 hits per month.  8,400 in April.  I feel like this site has plateaued.  Am I ok with this?  No.  I hope guest posting will pull me out of this funk.

3. 10,000 twitter followers.    6,250 at the end of March. 6,500 at the end of April.   I am going to get back to my weekly twitter follow.  I want to hit this number.   More importantly I want to connect with my readers.

4. Build my email list to 500.  325 at the end of March. 387 at the end of April.  The plugin I purchased defiantly pushed this list over the top for the month.

5. Write another ebook.  One is releasing next friday.  It is titled, The personal life of the youth pastor.

6.  Have 100 comments a month.   56 in March. 30 in April.   Booo… You know why I am not getting comments?  Because I am not leaving comments.  Lazy on my part.  I am sorry, you will see me back at your website.

7.  Break into the top 10 of google search for youth ministry.  This is going to be the biggest challenge of the year.  I am current ranked March 200.  April ?   The question is the experiment working?  Only time will tell.

I feel like things are going ok.  Tons of room for improvement.  How are you goals going for your site? 

  • seventy8Productions

    I am loving out growth and curious why you think yours is plateauing?

    • That is awesome that you are seeing growth. I am not too sure why we have been plateauing. One of the things I need to do more of is guest posting.

      • You’re welcome to guest post on my site 🙂 

        I love how open you are about your goals, thanks for sharing. I’m curious as to what plugin you bought that helped you grown your email list? Maybe you posted about it, but I must have missed that one then (and yes, of course I do RSS subscribe to your blog…which is one stat you don’t measure or have goals in?) And I’m assuming by email list you’re not talking about the email subscribers to your blog but a newsletter?

        • Hey Rachel,

          Thanks for the offer. I will take that into consideration. I try to be open and honest about the stats of the website. I hope it helps. I will feature that plugin next week. It is a great one, and a little pricey. I do have a goal for RSS feed subscribers, I just don’t publish the numbers. I will add it next time! When I talk about email subscribers I mean the newsletter, and not the rss feed. I will make a few adjustments for next months goals to show this! Thanks for the comment!

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