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We live in an instant society.  What could this mean for the students you are trying to reach?  Here are a few things that stand out.

1. We are Impatient.  If a website doesn’t load in 4 seconds we are out of there.  Also, almost 50% of americans are skipping theaters and movie stores for pirated movies because of connivence.  A few times a year, my youth ministry takes time away from the speed of our culture to actively slow down, and try to listen to God.  Our expectations of speed in everything doesn’t translate well into relationships.  Relationships take time, and especially our relationship with God.  How can your youth ministry value relationships this coming year?

2. We are rude.  The other day I was waiting in line at starbucks for a coffee, and it was taking forever!  When I mean forever, I mean 5 minutes.  I remember thinking after that day, why do I feel like this?  Why am I being such a jerk if my coffee isn’t served right away.  According to this infographic, 1 in 5 people admitted to being rude if they were being served too slowly.  I see that all the time.  Actually, I do that all the time!  Lately, I have been seeing people for who they are, children of God.  How can we get rid of this rudeness?


If anything stands out to you from this infographic please comment below! 


Instant America
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  • I frequently hear people complain about “slow” service — restaurants, grocery store, etc etc etc. I believe, however, that our biggest problem is that we over-schedule our lives and underestimate the amount of time to do everything. Then… my lack of planning makes everyone else’s life an emergency to fix my time schedule! Sad. Can we all just relax?! 🙂

    • Thanks for the comment sharon. I agree that our lives are over scheduled. We need room for others, and not just things. I wonder how much of our lives needs to be planned vs not planned? That is a really cool thought.

      • I feel that planning is a good thing… we just need to be more realistic about the amount of time to allow. AND, it’s important then to BE in the moment and enjoy what is planned along with the issues that arise (cuz they always arise!). If I’ve allowed enough time and not expect an “instant” meeting, “instant” service, or “instant” internet … it’s all goooood!