The digital world of teens [infographic]

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Here is this weeks infographic.  It is on the digital world of teenagers.  We have a series of posts called: Reaching Teens in a Digital World.  If you haven’t read them, I would recommend checking them out.  We are hoping to convert them into a full on book by the end of the year.
Here are a few things that stand out: 
1. 90% of america’s teens have used social media.  Trust me, your youth ministry needs to be online.  Here are a few posts to help you, Developing a Social Media StrategyTimeline for Facebook Pages: The Almost Complete Guide.  I run into youth pastors all over who have no idea how to use technology well.  I am not asking you to be an expert, but you need to have a understanding of how to leverage technology for your youth ministry.
2. 88% of teens keep in touch with friends they can’t see regularly.  I love seeing teens connect all over the world.  It really doesn’t matter today where you live.  I think technology helps teens stay connect at places like camp, and retreats.  It is a easy way to keep a connection open.
What else stands out to you?  How do you connect with students in the digital world? 
  • Something for parent ministry to consider. “21% of all teens say they wish their parents spent less time with their cell phones and other devices.”

  • Some great stuff. I agree that the “21% wish their parents…” is a stat worth putting in the hands of our parents. The 90% of teens use social media is also one that can’t be ignored. Just last week several of our students started using twitter (which is a big jump)

  • Thanks for sharing!

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