Here is our weekly infographic, and it is a good one.  I have been wrestling with the idea of cell phones and what they are doing to the students in my youth ministry.  I think these devices are shaping and changing their identities.  No other generation has been more accessible.   The students I work with have their cell phones on all the time.  They are constantly connected.  This is a positive thing in many situations, but what if the student in your youth ministry is being bullied 24/7.  What if they are being sent sexual images?  I think this will have huge ramifications for the next generation.  Lets take a moment to look at this infographic on teen sexting.

Here are somethings that stand out to me:

1. 53% of teens who sext are girls.  This is devastating to me.  I have a little girl, and I pray and long for her identity and worth to come from God, and not what other guys say about her.  Girls need a deep understanding if who they are, and how they are created in the image of God.  I often wonder about the girls in my youth ministry, and how they are buying into the lie that their worth comes from likes on facebook or instagram.  That is a sense of value that leads to depression.  There is no other time in history than today that the teens we lead need to hear the Gospel repeatedly.

2. 48% of teens have received a sexually suggestive message.  We really need to help parents navigate this.  I hope that when my kids are teens, I will have other youth workers who can help me parent teenagers.  Parents today need guidance in how active should they be in the digital life of a teenager.  I would say that they need to be present, and in control.

What other things stand out?  Please leave a comment below! 

the truth about teen sexing


Source: U know kids


  • Thanks for sharing this. I am posting this on my blog and pushing it out to my parents. Will make sure to link back to this site as the original.

  • Shelly

    There is a great book that does help parents navigate this tricky territory called Parenting Plugged-in Teens: Becoming Their GPS in a Cyber-Sexual World written by an expert who has seen the change in teens in her counseling practice over the past decade.

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  • John Wayne

    I was in youth ministry until just recently, starting seminary now. I am still in touch with my kids and it has become so much worse than just Facebook, Instagram, and texting. There are websites where you can post a picture to be “rated” on a 0-10 scale by others and comments are posted. Also, this one seems to be the worst in my opinion… A site called where kids can create accounts and other kids can ask them questions anonymously. It’s like truth or dare with all the scandal and none of the face to face credibility. It is scary. I have never felt so overwhelmed by a feeling of inadequacy in youth ministry as I do seeing this stuff. It’s time for us to get real with the parents so that they can get on board with this daunting battle. Culture is turning sex so much into an everyday thing. I laugh at the old curriculum that would talk about the pre-marital sex we see in TV shows like Friends… That stuff doesn’t touch the surface anymore.

  • This is a must read. Thank you…“admin?”

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