Lately, I have seen all these gift guides.  I love checking out gift ideas for people.  What are somethings you would like this Christmas?  What would you like for your youth ministry?  I think those are ok questions to ask.

Seeing these gift guides, I thought it would be great to create one for youth pastors.  Youth workers have distinct needs.  One thing I have noticed over the years.  Some churches treat their staff like gold, and at Christmas people in the congregation give pastors/youth workers generous gifts.  Other churches are cheap, and at Christmas they hold back because Christmas isn’t about giving gifts its about Jesus.  No matter what your view is, it is nice to receive gifts at Christmas.  We will be spending a few weeks looking at gift ideas for youth pastors.  Feel free to forward these posts to your youth leaders or your board chairman.

The Youth Pastors Gift Guide

1. Tech Gifts

2. Books



3. Coffee/Beverage

4. Organizational/office

5. Apps

There you go.  We will have some fun with these lists in the coming weeks leading up to Christmas.

What would you add to that list?