I have been reading Aaron Helmans blog, Smarter Youth Ministry, for the past few months.  He is a great guy, and you really need to check out his website.  There is tons of amazing content for youth workers.

This week he released an infographic on how much ministry is in modern youth ministry.  You can check out the post on his site here.  This is really interesting, and I thought it was worth the share.

Here are a few things that stand out: 

1. We find our worth in what we do, and not who we are.   I have known for a long time that youth pastors/pastors in general are workaholics.  It is alarming that 26% of youth workers are working 50% more hours.  I am praying for all the youth workers out there who are over worked, and are allowing it to happen.  You need a rest, and I pray that you find a season on rest soon.

2. We are forgetting the calling.  We need to be with students, and we need to get out of the office.  In the past 10 months I went from having no office to having a huge office.  I love having a office, but I have been wondering if it is getting in the way of mission and calling.  I am called to work with families, and students.  I have to ask the hard question to myself, When was the last parent/student in my office?  When did they just drop by?

If I am honest it is easier to sit in front of a computer screen, it is safer to stay in a nice office than be out dealing with the stuggles and hurts that the students deal with.


This is a great infographic from Aaron Helman, what are your thoughts on this infographic?  Please post below.


youth ministry-time-infographic

  • Josh Fortney

    This is a great and challenging post! I definitely need to sit down (away from the computer) and reevaluate how I spend my time.

    My question would be, what is the balance between being with students most of the time and equipping lay leaders/part-time staff/ parents to be with students. I want to empower and engage parents and lay leaders to be in their kids lives, but I also don’t want to turn into an event planner either.

    • Thanks for the comment Josh. Thanks for your honesty. I think we all should look at that infograph and look at how we manage our time.

    • I agree with your question Josh. Time spent training or equipping leaders results in exponentially more students experiencing personal ministry.

  • Krist Adams

    Just curious if the “planning” part includes prayer. Even if it is, how much of that 25% of teh time is actually prayer? Just a thought.

  • Larry

    I spend a ton of time in the office, because I’m required to. This infographic isn’t going to change until we have Senior Pastors and Board Members who allow youth pastors to use their time the best way, not just “go to work.”

  • Dan Sams

    You didn’t include a section for cleaning the church and running errands?

  • Chris Lara

    Love the infographic, I wonder what the correlation is between spending more time at ministry and how it might affect how much time is left to spend at home with your family at home.

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