Who doesn’t love infographs.  Last week, I posted a infograph on how millennial’s use their phones, and it was a hit.  You just eat that up.  I love to see stats in a visual way.  So, here is another infograph on who are the millennials?

A few things that stood out to me while reading this.

  • The millennial’s (18-28) are super networkers.  They are connected, and because of this 41% don’t have a landline.  They text while driving(I used to be guilty of this), and love to communicate.
  • One thing I was surprised by was when asked: what will be the most important things in your life, they said, %52 being a good parent, and %30 having a successful marriage.  These are related, but I was honestly surprised at the order.
What strikes you while looking this over?