Are you planning on taking a group to Blue Like Jazz? 

Last thursday I had the incredible opportunity to view Blue Like Jazz in Seattle.  I have read the book in Bible College, and like many other people have loved the book, Blue Like Jazz.  If you haven’t read the book make sure to go and check it out here, Blue Like Jazz: Nonreligious Thoughts on Christian Spirituality.

When Don Miller first shared that they were going to make a movie about Blue Like Jazz, I was worried that they would make it into a lame, and cheesy Christian movie.  When I checked out the trailer, I was excited about what Don Miller and Steve Tyler have accomplished.  So, last thursday I watched the movie, and was able at the end of the movie to be apart of the Q&A session.  My first impression was that the movie is awesome.  It is a real and honest look at Christianity and Christians.  It is an adaptation of the book, Blue Like Jazz, so there are differences.  With that said, you need to see this movie.

My favorite scene from the movie was when Don’s friend comes to visit him at college.  In the beginning of the film, Don’s friend is trying to push him away from what he believes and just have some fun.  Don makes the trek from Texas to Portland for College.  When Don’s friend shows up at his college he is changed.  Some events have occurred that have changed hm.  He is trying to share his faith with Don, only to realize that Don is far away from what he used to believe.  This scene was such a contrast of characters and their journeys in opposite directions.  I think a lot of Senior High, and College Students could relate to this scene.

This movie is rated PG-13 and should be.  If you read the book you understand why it is rated what it is.  Don Miller made a great statement last thursday at the special screening.  Don said, “Somewhere in the past few years we have made a typical template for faith, based films.”  This movie isn’t for kids, it is a movie about faith, life and the messiness that comes into both.  Why have we made every movie for Christians family friendly.  Is the Bible family friendly?

Make sure to check out this movie on April 13th.  Find out if it is opening in your city and take a group of senior highs or college students.  Here are the opening weekend cities.

Who is this movie for?  

I think this movie will be great for teenagers in grade 11/12 all the way up to 40’s.  It would be great for a Senior High night.




Here are the rest of the resources: High School Bible Study, College Bible Study, and posters.  

Here is the link.


Are you going to watch Blue Like Jazz?  are you going to take a group?  How are you going to use this movie in your ministry? 

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