What is your situation?

Currently, I have the best boss (Lead Pastor) in the world.  I am so thankful to be able to serve in the place where I am at.  It took me 10 years and a ton of lessons to understand what kind of working environment, and what kind of person I want to work for.  It takes time, and I don’t know your situation, but I do know that a ton of youth workers are in difficult situations.

If you feel like you are slowly dying, my prayer for you is that you would find your identity in Christ and him alone.

Here is the infographic called, Is Your Bad Boss Killing You?”.  It’s an infographic from the business world, but I feel like it could directly relate to churches.  I have walked youth pastors through really difficult situations.  I have seen all of these different kinds of bosses, and I would never work for one.  I know what it’s worth for me and my family to love where I am able to work and serve.

Here are some things that really stand out to me:

1. Stress caused by a abusive boss spill into the home.  What happens at work never stays there.  We will bring it home.  Our wives or husbands will naturally want to fight for us.  How do you deal with the stress?  How do you make sure that you don’t just puke it all out when you get through the door?

I like to grab a coffee and think about the day.  I love reading through the Psalms and then trying to rewrite a few out.  David had some heart felt prayers.  I can relate to some of those Psalms somedays.  It is important to have a way, or a person to process with before you get home.

When I have gone through some difficult times, I have learned that I am not what I do.  I am me.  I am not a youth pastor first.  For me, this puts my confidence in what I can do, but in whom God made me to be.

2. 46% of employees stated they have worked under a unreasonable supervisor.  The odds are that you are going to have a unreasonable supervior at some point in your ministry career.  I would advise that you clearly communicate, document everything, and keep focused on what you are called to do.  A mentor of mine used to always say to me, “whats the worst that could happen?”.  This is a great reminder.  A lot of situations are blown up because we can’t communicate clearly, or effectively.  Or we don’t know the process to air out our grievance.

With all that said, if you fell like you are dying in your ministry and have no one for support, please email me.

is your boss killing you infographic

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