Do you have a projector in your youth room?  Is the screen terrible?

This past christmas I saved up some money and purchased this sweet BenQ W770ST Short Throw Projector for my home media room.  It has been awesome having space to have friends over to watch movies.  I have tons of ministry ideas for this projector, and it took a year in order for me to pull the trigger.  I plan on using it to have every small group over this semester to get to know everyone.

I did a ton of research in order to make sure that the projector would look decent in my basement.  My worst fear is that it would be grainy and have lines running up and down the screen.  My friend put me on to the website, Carls Place.  It is the go to place when you want to put together a screen.

Here are the things I purchased for a 120 inch screen:

63×151 inches of Pro Grey Screen Material ($94)/ Supposedly this gives you a higher contrast ratio.

5 / 1 by 4 by 8 from your local hardware store. ($20)  This was the biggest hassle to fit everything into my van.  What a pain!

4 L brackets from your local hardware store. ($6)

Staple Gun/Staples. (free) Your church must have one of these.  If not, just borrow it.

Black velvet for the border. ($29)  Again this if for better contrast.  I am still skeptical on this.


The total cost was :$149  (give or take what the lumber/shipping would cost)  

This is a great deal, and it is worth the few hours it would take to build a custom screen for your youth room.  If you want a step by step break down on how to build one, check out this tutorial.

This is going to be a project for our jr.high room.  We have a old ripped up projector screen and it looks terrible.   If you have a bit of money in your budget, make sure to look at the screens that are hemmed, and grommeted.  The best part about those screens is that you could take it anywhere.  We were thinking of movies at the beach this summer.


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