Youth Ministry Logo [freebie]

September 26, 2014
/   Design

Do you have a youth ministry logo? I have seen a ton of awesome looking logos in the past few months, and in the process redesigned my own youth ministry with a new logo...

Death By Cell Phone

January 30, 2014
/   Blog

Do you have a cell phone? It could get you into a whole world of pain if you don't guard it carefully.

App of the month: DJ App

February 28, 2013
/   iphone

Are you looking for an app that will books the fun for your mid-week program? Here is the app for you!

The Death of PowerPoint

December 3, 2012
/   Blog

I've seen a ton of church speakers using very poorly designed PowerPoint slides. For a long time that was okay. But, not today.

A program to keep you on task

September 27, 2012
/   Mac

Do you use a to-do program? If not, you should. Here is an amazing program called things. Here are a few things we love about it!

Taking a look at Mountain Lion OSX

July 3, 2012
/   Mac

  Do you have a mac with Lion OSX? (its the operating system) If you do, there is a new upgrade coming your way called Mountain Lion.  I am looking forward to this new...

What I love about iOS 6

June 25, 2012
/   iphone

ios 6 is coming out this fall. Here are few features that I am going to love, and I am sure you are too!

The new Disqus 2012

June 19, 2012
/   New

Do you struggle to get comments? What if I said one easy fix might solve the problem?

App of the Month: May 2012

May 17, 2012
/   iphone

What apps do you use to stay organized? Here is an app called Expensify. Download this app and look like a organized genius.

App of the Month: April 2012

April 5, 2012
/   iphone

Here is an photo app. Take a montage of photos at church, or for your youth ministry and easily post them on facebook, or twitter.