The Week Dominator [Review]

September 19, 2016
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The week dominator is a useful tool for leaders and for youth pastors who want to set goals and live intentionally each week.

Circle by Disney [review]

September 13, 2016
/   Reviews

Get this awesome resource to help families set up digital boundaries in our homes and on our mobile devices.

Bible Screen App [Review]

July 27, 2015
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Here is an awesome way to share the Bible each with with students. It's an program called Bible Screens. It's worth checking out.

Ministry Library [Review]

June 25, 2015
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Here is a really cool resource that will help you and your team gleam tons of content from different ministry books.

NIV Proclamation Bible [Review]

April 13, 2015
/   Books

We are taking a look at the NIV Proclamation Bible. Is it worth checking out? Here are some things we love about it, and some things we would change.

App of the month: DJ App

February 28, 2013
/   iphone

Are you looking for an app that will books the fun for your mid-week program? Here is the app for you!

Book Review: Sticky Teams

October 22, 2012
/   Books

Book review of Sticky Teams by Larry Oswald. This is a great book, and it's content will help you lead your student ministry teams.