How to use instagram stories

January 31, 2017
/   Instagram

Social media is one crucial way of reaching students and parents today in our digital world.  One simple way to reach a ton of people is by using instagram, especially instagram stories.  Instagram stories...

How To Get Your Church An App

September 20, 2016
/   Blog

What if you could get your church an awesome looking app? What if this app would actually increase your overall church budget? I would say that is a win-win. What are...

Social Media Etiquette

January 23, 2013
/   Blog

Are you a member of online groups? Do you see people fight over stupid things? Here are a few tips that might help this!

Social Media Guidelines for Students

October 10, 2012
/   Blog

Here is this weeks infographic.  Do you have any guidelines for social media?  Do you think students should have guidelines for how they use social media?   Here is this weeks infographic on social...