Do you have a strategy for communicating to students or adults with mobile phones?  

One of the biggest game changers in my ministry in the past 3 years has been the use of a texting service to communicate with students.  When I send a text message ALL of the messages go through.  That is astounding today in a culture where if I was to post the same message on Facebook, only 30 of those students would receive it.

You might be asking what is a great texting service?  Some of the ones we would recommend and will eventually review are: Simply TXT, and remind.  If you know of more services that are great, please let us know.

I stumbled across this infographic called: The Shocking numbers behind cellphone usage.  It has some interesting stats for youth workers.

Here are a few things to think about:

Teenagers send 3,000+ text messages a month.  That has become the main way this generation is communicating.  All it takes is a few moments in my youth night to realize how much of a reality this is.  Teenagers are always on their phones.  Their phones are extending their relationships to new depths.  It keeps their connection open to their friends and online world.

It makes me wonder if I need to help students disengage from their digital world so that they can experience face-to-face friendships.  We have been experimenting in the small groups in my youth group to see if students would keep their phones off during small group time.  We value relationships, and because of that we intentionally turn off the devices.

With all the said, teenagers are receiving a ton of text messages a month.  You need to be communicating a message to the place where they are the most.  It is beneficial to have a strategy for sending text messages to your group weekly.  They need to know they are cared for, and are valued.  You can give a simple invite over text, or a Bible plan.  There are so many different options for developing strategies for text messaging.

Do you use a texting service?  If so, which one?



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