This is one of the coolest gadgets to come out in a long time.  

What if you had one gadget that could change the your family interacted with the internet ? Well, let me introduce you to Circle with Disney.  It’s a one stop shop for controlling your family’s access to internet and digital devices.

Here is what Circle with Disney can do:

Give kids a break from their devices.

Kids getting to bed on time or getting outside to play is tough when an iPad is calling their name. Circle lets you set up a BedTime for week days and weekends, as well as gives you a Pause button for the Internet, how cool is that?!

Every time I talk with a student who is stumbling with their walk with God, it usually starts with, “I was up late in my room on my phone.”  This feature helps students have some down time from their digital devices.  They live in a world where they can’t disconnect.

Why not turn off the devices, or give a allowance time limit for your devices.  This might be good for you!

Be in the know with every device in your home.

There are all kinds of devices in our homes; Tablets, smartphones, laptops, TVs and more. Circle is your simple solution to manage them all, stay in the know with what your kids are up to, and find some balance at home.

Do you know where your kids are going online?  The devices that kids have today are gateways to anywhere.  They could be on netflix and then 10 minutes later be on youtube.  They can easily stumble across ads or videos that will lead in a bad direction.  31% of students would change their online behaviour if their parents knew what they were doing and where they were going.

Manage your family’s devices across all networks.

Circle Go is a subscription that takes all of the settings your kids’ device have at home with Circle and extends them to 4G LTE and any other Wi-Fi network they join.

This is the problem of all the devices that manage home internet access, they usually don’t go to phones also.  Circle Go extends to our mobile devices.


This is one device that we should be recommending to every parent in our church as a way to help their students make wise decisions online.  Parents need help with putting digital boundaries in their homes.  Send this email today to a parent and get them to buy Circle with Disney.

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