How many social media accounts do you use for youth ministry?

My guess is that you are at least using Facebook and twitter.  I am always frusterated when I am managing one of the many social media accounts, and Facebook or whatever social media company decides to change up it’s sizes or layout.   In that moment, I can hear wasted hours down the drain resizing all the images or creating new ones.

Here is the cheat sheet for twitter, Facebook, google plus, pinterest, instagram, youtube, slideshare, vimeo, and linkedin.

I am finding it more common today to see youth pastors have social media marketing added to their portfolio.  It’s great that we youth workers are so tech savy, but it can easily eat up hours of time.  Actually, if you have managed your churches website and social media accounts you know it could eat up a week, month or even a summer.  It has happened to me!  I am always looking for ways to make managing these things easier.  So, we found this social media cheat sheet for you.  Enjoy!

What other cheat sheets would you like to see?  What is the best way you communicate to teenagers on social media? 


The Complete Social Media Cheat Sheet

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