What program do you use to create presentations?

Lately, I have seen some nasty presentations.  All it takes is going to a conference, and there you go.  Presentations that might have looked good 10 to 20 years ago don’t do you material any justice today.  Actually, if your presentation looks off, it can devalue your content.

With that said, I have noticed a ton of speakers struggle with presentations.  They want to cram as much information into one slide, or use fonts that aren’t clear.

Here is an infographic called: How to create a power point presentation that won’t put people to sleep.  And here are a few things that are important for youth pastors today.

1. Clear and Concise.  Know what your big idea is and hit on it again and again.  If your presentation can’t help your sermon, I would personally cut it out completely.  I don’t like to have tons of slides.  A nice main image can go a long way.

2. 30 point font or larger.  Every point you make needs to be big, and clear.  The slide is just driving home what you are saying.  I see youth pastors and conference speakers constantly add different content to slides that extend what the speaker is talking on.  What your slide should be doing is clarifying what you are talking about.

3. k.i.s.s (keep it simple stupid).  I know that they use keep it simple silly, but other professionals in the field use the other one.  We tend to make things so complicated.  We tend to use too many slides.  I like their rule, 10 slides, 20 minutes, 30 point font.  That is a great rule to live by.  This one rule could help youth pastors communicate more effectively today.


What else stands out from the infographic?  Do you create awesome powerpoint presentations?  

How to make a great youth ministry presentation

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