Do you take photos during your youth nights?

One of the best ways we have engaged our students online, and during the night is by creating nights where they get their photo’s taken with either a backdrop or props.  Having a manned photo booth is fun, but having a photo booth that is completely controlled by the student is a ridiculous amount of fun.

The Photobooth that we created will be unmanned and sit out in the lobby the 4th Tuesday of each month.  One of my interns is a tech genius and figured out all the stuff we need to make this happen.

This Photo Booth station is professional and can be used anywhere in your community.  We are hoping that we can use this for grad events to offset the cost of the photo booth.

Here is what you will need to create a ridiculously fun environment for your youth ministry: 

– iPad.  You can buy it on amazon here.  We recommend getting the air 2.  It’s cheap and it will last for awhile.  I am not super worried if this thing accidentally hits the ground.

– Light ring.  This is really the gear that makes this photo booth look professional.  We have been using this photo booth all week and everyone loves the way this light ring lights up the space.  You can get this LED light ring on amazon here  

Simplebooth app.  This app comes in a free version, but we upgraded to the event version.  It allows you to post the galleries on your facebook page, and email them right to the person who took the photo.  This is one simple way to get these photos on facebook, instagram, and snapchat.  You can check out the simplebooth app here.

– Selphy Printer.  Stop wasting money with the fuji film Instax pictures.  With this wireless printer, you can mount the printer to the back of the photo booth, and print on demand.  We added our logo to the top of each set of prints through the app.  The printer is a bit of money, but it’s worth the investment.  You could print photos anywhere.  You can get the Canon Selphy Printer here.

– Mounts.  Here is the mount you need for the iPad to the tripod or wall.  Here is another mount that you will need to mount the iPad to anything.  We screwed it into a pallet wall, but we are looking to build a professional case for it.

Updated: We have had lots of questions about how thing stands up.   You can mount it to the wall, or you can go and get this boom stand to stand it up.  We use this and it’s the best way to bring this unit around with you. 


This is a professional photo booth.  The ones that we have been pricing for the past few years cost from $2000-$3000.  This is way cheaper than any of those options.  Now that we have used it, our campus’ are asking to use it.  We are going to rent it out a few times each year to pay for itself.

This is one fun way to create an amazing environment.  You could easily switch it up each month with a different backdrop.

We are planning to use the photo booth once a month for both the jr. and sr.youth ministries.

That is all you will need to buy and build a professional photo booth for your youth ministry or church.    This is one fantastic way to documents key events in your church.

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