Stanley writes, “If you haven’t defined the problem, determined a solution, and discovered a compelling reason why now is the time to act, you aren’t ready to go public with your vision. It won’t stick”

Do you have a vision statement?  Do you have a hard time finding leaders, and keeping them?  It might be a simple as clarifying what you want them to do.

In youth ministries today we aren’t clear about our vision, and because of that our leaders don’t know if they are doing a good job or not.  We are good at adopting visions from the church as a whole, but when it comes to our ministry we are pretty weak.  If you have no vision of where you want to go, how will you know if you either hit the target or missed the mark this year?

Every youth ministry needs a clear vision statement.  It could be your churches, or a second line to clarify how you will help achieve the vision of the church.  Either way, you need a vision statement.  It will help recruit leaders and keep them longer.  It will clarify the big “goal” of your youth ministry.

Here are 4 questions when you are thinking about your vision: 

1. What is the problem that you are trying to fix?

2. What is the solution to the problem?

3. Why must something be done?

4. Why now?

Every time you look at your vision, make sure to look at those questions.  These are simple questions from Andy Stanley that help clarify what the win is for you and your team of leaders.

This past spring, we went over this will all our student leaders and leaders as we tried to cast a clear vision for the future.  We then worked on it some more over the summer.  It took months to craft our vision statement.

We are trying to answer with all our leaders “the why” of what we do.  They need to know why we are asking them to give up every tuesday night from September until June.  They need to know over just a commitment.  They need to understand the vision and mission.

Andy Stanley shares the power that vision can give to leaders, “Vision casting has the potential to set a course for the people around you.  And when they are convinced it is a God-Honouring course, there will always be some who will ask, “To what extent an I give my life to that?”  The “why” will drive your leaders.  If they don’t know why, they will move on, or not be consistent.  They need to know a clear vision.

5 other questions that will help clarify the vision with your team are these questions: 

What difference will it make?

What is there to gain?

What is there to lose?

What’s at stake?

Why should I attempt this?

These questions will show the urgency that you will need to execute this vision.  We tend to think in terms of a year, and not in terms of 5-10 years.  Imagine what you could do with that kind of time?  What kind of culture you could build within your church if you had a clear vision?

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