What does a real relationship look like today in a digital world?

It’s a great question for youth workers to wrestle with today.  Things have changed.  The way to relate to students, and how we connect with them is different.  Is it bad?  Somethings are probably not helpful, but it’s just different.

Last fall, I was asked to be apart of a national conference.  I developed a talk that was used at two of the five locations.  The session was called, “Developing Relationships In A Digital World.”  It was interesting to see adult leaders, parents and students attend the session and respond after at how we really need to think through relationships in a digital world.  I couldn’t agree more.

We are going to break this series into a 3 part series: 

Week 1 – Is there a problem today?

Week 2 – How to deal with cultural idols

Week 3 – The toolbox.


I am looking forward to putting this series down in blog posts.  I am looking forward to your response, and in the end I want to produce an infographic on how well youth workers are at leading themselves in a digital world (the stats might surprise you!).


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