Would you like to write for this site?  

I want to give a few youth pastors a voice on this youth ministry site.  I posted awhile ago asking, Is youth ministry dead?.  It received a lot of comments and hits from that post that made me think about the future of youth ministry.  I came to this conclusion.  The future of youth ministry is….you!  That is why I want your voice.  I think your voice is just as valuable to the world of youth ministry as a bigwig.

So, here is what I am looking for.  

  • 2 posts per month that would go live on saturdays
  • 2 posts per month that would go live on sundays
  • I am looking for 3 youth workers.  Here is what I would like. One youth worker with less than 3 years experience, one female youth worker, and one tech geek.  If that is not you, and you still would like to post feel free to email me here.

Here is what you get! 

  • A captive audience!  I have 4,700 twitter followers, 130 facebook page followers, and 95 subscribers.  This is a way to drive traffic to your youth ministry site!
  • Backlinks to your site.  That is a great thing!  This helps in google pagerank, and other SEO rankings online.
  • A great dialogue!  I have some of the best readers online.

What are you waiting for?  Email me




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